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After the discovery of the alien chemical compound "JHO Complex", the nations are dispatched on their first missions in order to collect samples for data entry. The latest party, Team 3, is assigned to tackle the South African wetlands. How will they fare?
5/22 - Joining age requirement has been bumped up from 16 to 18. Most, if not all people here are 18+ anyway, so fairly painless shift. If you joined under the previous age requirement, it's fine; all future applicants must be 18+.

5/21 - Prussia acquired. If you see Hat around, be sure to say hello! Site will likely be at a crawl until the beginning of June, but please be sure to check here frequently for further announcements.
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I'll be revamping this thing and then reopening it soonish. So please check back here for updates periodically.
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